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Trinity - MUNDO

Trinity - MUNDO


Publisher: Trinity Music | 31514 | Release date: 15-05-2014

genres: world, latin
€ 10.00
(album discount included)

The four men from Trinity went back to the origin of their musical journey for their 6th album MUNDO (Spanish for 'world'). That they've made a big step forwards in doing so is very well audible. With their producer Gordon Groothedde the band brought out their charango, quena, giant panpipes and a truckload of percussion along with their regular instruments to make a record that sounds like the blissful feeling of coming home after a long journey. 'MUNDO' integrates musical influences from South-America, Africa, Europe and Asia in a completely new way into a warm and vibrant worldbeat-sound that won't leave you untouched. From their English and Spanish lyrics the band takes little trips to Swahili, Hindi, Serbian and French. Thematically the men bridge a number of gaps between worlds too. The recordings in the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum generate an authentic and wide sound in which the guest role of Kenyan singer Neema Ntalel offers surprising views. All in all: an album that will bring a world of sounds, stories and people to your home.