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About Audiobits

About Audiobits

AudioBits: a new notion of downloading music.

While existing systems choose to sell individual songs, for fixed prices, AudioBits thinks that composers and musicians need the liberty, just as it was in the "album years", to produce an album with cohesion and relationships between the tracks.
For rockartists and classical composers the "single minded" way of thinking should not impose restraints on their work.
AudioBits brings music and the duration of the track makes the price.
Intro's, bridges and outro's are an essential part of music and deserve to be downloaded by the fans together with the corresponding track(s).
And also, longer tracks are common in music, and obviously these can't be sold for the usual 99 cents per track.

AudioBits refuses to provide material that has been produced to offend, slander, shock, discriminate, or hurt people or (ethnical) groups, and does not wish to be a medium to publish racist points of view, discrimination, profanity or blasphemy in lyrics or image.

For instance, you won't find female-unfriendly hiphop, satanic deathmetal and racist country (to mention some very obvious examples). Not because AudioBits wants to censure music, but there are enough other channels to spread that kind of music.