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DJ Flubbel

DJ Flubbel

DJ Flubbel

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DJ Flubbel has been a DJ/producer since 1999. His style might be considered controversial and varies from christian electronic dance music (CEDM) to uplifting christian hardstyle and even hardcore music. All of his tracks contain a clear positive christian message. DJ Flubbel combines his mixing and producing with his profession as a physician. His vision is to inspire people with the gospel using energetic modern electronic music. The core message: "God loves you, whatever you did wrong in your life. He wants to help you. He is waiting for you with open arms; and you always get a second chance".

In 2010 his first album "Christian Hardcore" was released via Asaph, in co-operation with D-Morphian. The CD was well-mentioned in the Dutch media (including the national newspaper). In 2011 a track was released on the dance compilation serie "The Edge". In 2013 was the release of his second album "Christian House" via Ecovata, together with Matthew J. Bentley (USA). This album was created in co-operation with many EDM artists from all over the world (including Audile, DJ Jireh, Dash and Matthew Parker) and presented during a gig at the Flavor Festival in Holland. A second track was released on the complilation album "The Edge 2". That same year DJ Flubbel was mentioned on 3FM, Seven FM, Groot Nieuws Radio and the national newspaper. In 2014 the track "Let it be Known (Remix)" was released on the Life@Opwekking 17 CD and the video clip was played during the Dutch'Opwekking' festival. In 2015 was his first appearence on the Dutch national television (NPO 2) and on BEAM radio. In February was the release of his third album: "Christian Hardstyle" together with Biotronix. This album was released via Ecovata in cooperation with the label G&D Records. In 2016 he is collaborating with multiple christian artists for multiple singles. DJ Flubbel was aired on multiple radio shows in Holland including GospelVaria, Salt Radio and internationally, including: GodsDJs radio, Ultra FM, Revival FM and Hello You FM. In June DJ Flubbel was interviewed by Vice London regarding Christian Hardcore music. In august he had a gig at the Gracelandfestival (mainstage).