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Can I give my paid and downloaded music to others?

Downloading music is only prohibited for personal use. Sharing or providing downloaded music to others is not allowed.
Besides it is the law we think it is only fair to support the artist you like by buying their music in a legal way. If you don't, your favourite artists will not be able to keep on making nice music for you. And there will not be a chance for young artists to make records if they can’t make a profit to hire a studio for the next album.
So, be reasonable please!

You used my music on your site without my permission. Can you explain that to me?

AudioBits does not want to violate any copyright. Please give us the name of the artist/publisher and the name of the album or track you claim the rights, please send some proof of your ownership of the tracks if possible, and we will take immediate action. We cannot guaranty a 100% abuse free database. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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