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Do I have to register?

No, you can also download music if you are not registered. If you want us to keep you informed about new releases of your favourite artist, genre or publisher you should. There is also no possibility to use Audiobits services as the Gift Cards and AudioBits credits.

What quality is the music you offer?

AudioBits music is downloadable in mp3. The minimum quality is 192 kbps (kilobyte per second). Read more about mp3 on For broadcasting purposes artist and publishers can upload their music in FLAC.
The choice for mp3 is made because of the correct balance between quality and a user friendly system.

Can I listen to music before I buy it?

We understand not everyone likes to buy music "in the blind". You can play a 30 second (for copyright reasons) sample of each track.

Why should I buy a whole album?

Besides the fact many artists compose an album as one piece of art you get a 10% discount on a complete album. And some complete albums can be downloaded with the artwork as pdf and other nice bonus material.

What payment methods can I choose?

You can use iDeal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

What is the transaction fee?

Depending on the chosen method the banks charge us a fee. iDeal uses a fixed fee for every transaction no matter the amount of money. Credit card companies use a percentage of the amount of the order. The exact costs you will find in the step where you choose the method for paying.
We calculate these costs (1 on 1). It might be clever to buy more than one song at once.

How does downloading work?

After you paid and our bank agrees on the transaction you get an e-mail to confirm your order. In this e-mail you find a link. By clicking it the tracks you ordered get zipped. This file can be downloaded, saved on your computer and unzipped.

What happens when a download fails?

The download link stays active for 24 hours. If the download fails, try again. If it does not work at all, please contact us.

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail, what can I do?

Please look in your spam; it might have been put there. If you cannot find it, please contact us.

The download period is expired and I did not finish the download, what can I do?

Don not panic. Send us a massage with your reason for the delay and we will solve your problem.

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