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Eric & Tanja Lagerström - HYMNS

Eric & Tanja Lagerström - HYMNS

Eric & Tanja Lagerström

Publisher: Reckords | EGP230 | Release date: 01-01-2011

genres: praise/worship
€ 9.89
(album discount included)

For a TV broadcst of "Zendtijd voor Kerken" Eric en Tanja Lagerström rearranged and recorded 'old' beautiful songs. Hymnes from the songbook of Johannes de Heer, "Glorieklokken", but also "het Liedboek der kerken". Even a wellknown Swedish Hymne; Jesus från Nasaret.

The album “Hymns” shows these old hymnes in a special warm, loving and fresh way. From the astonishing atmosphere of admiration to exuberant gratitude. It brings back old memories and gives us again new love to our great God.