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Audile & Dash - Hold On

Audile & Dash - Hold On

Hold On
Audile & Dash

Publisher: Above All Records | ACC008 | Release date: 05-11-2012

genres: dance
€ 6.32
(album discount included)

Audile is a fresh electronic music act that is a collaboration project of two Finnish producers Risto Poukka and Timo-Pekka Huhtinen. To add some uniqueness they have Tia Svart and Mikko Heltimoinen. providing them hooking melody and vocal ideas. The relationship between Risto and Timo-Pekka is very special as they have known each other since the age of two, and both of them have spent years of their childhood in Japan. Having lived all over the world - US, Canada and Australia - the flavor of this mixture can be experienced through the capturing energy of Audile's music.

The latest track where Audile and Dash worked on was Audile - Shine (Dash remix) and is played by Paul Oakenfold. This time a complete track made by this team. This sure is a good follow-up!