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minco eggersman - The wagon fair

ME - The wagon fair

The wagon fair

Publisher: VOLKOREN | VOLKOREN10 | Release date: 08-03-2011

genres: rock, folk
€ 9.69
(album discount included)

The Wagon Fair is the first solo album by ATCOED frontman Minco Eggersman (the name ME stands for his initials). Another concept album, this time inspired by the BBC documentary 'The Devil's Playground "about the Amish in North America. It is an intense Americana album with the same minimal approach that we know of ATCOED.

In the majority of the album we hear Minco Eggersman who accompanies himself on acoustic guitar. Guest contributions are Abne Herrebout (bass), Lydia Wever (piano), Fredrik Wild (steel guitar) and Swede Thomas Denver Jonsson (harmonica). Especially the beautiful background vocals by Lydia Wever are gorgeous and give songs like I Know This Much Is True and See Me Through a beautiful, melodic beauty so The Wagon Fair does not only sounds desolate, but will also provide consolation and happiness. Heartbreaking beautiful.

Source: KindaMuzik