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The spirit that guides us - Innocent blood

The spirit that guides us - Innocent blood

Innocent blood
The spirit that guides us

Publisher: Sally Forth Records | SF-1138 | Release date: 03-10-2011

genres: rock
€ 8.93
(album discount included)

What you find in your hands won't wash off so easily...

Being a band like The Spirit That Guides Us - going back ten years and including many members from all over the world - is a recipe for lots of good conversation and discussion. With every record we make, what hides inside us must beat a path to expression. Sometimes we go into the process single-mindedly, and sometimes less so.

'Innocent blood' testifies to a unity of purpose that is matched only by our urge to get it out. We literally get sick of so much injustice and evil things that go around in this world we live in. We wanted to make a change, shake you up and shout out for those whose voices have been silenced - by rape, by abuse or sometimes by plain numbness and sedation...from young boy soldiers in Liberia to little girl prostitutes in Asia.

As you know, The Spirit That Guides Us has never been about us. This time we really wanted to take it a step further. To invest ourselves into the matter. Not to flaunt or parade it but to genuinely feel and connect.

Musically, a change was on, too. We wanted to bring back the noisy shoegazer sound of 'The sand, the barrier', retain the catchiness of 'North and South' but make it as brutal as 'Don't shoot, let us burn' and yet so different from before. After two years of songwriting, we finally hit the mailmen studio early 2011.

Our friend Martijn Groeneveld - who has recorded all of our albums - has done a great job recording and mixing. We have never before been so proud and thrilled. We hope you enjoy it as much, and take the time for the words to touch your heart and get you out on the barricades as well. Thanks for your support, it's greatly appreciated!

The Spirit That Guides Us