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David Åhlén

David Åhlén

David Åhlén

genres: folk, praise/worship, kerst,
  • Biography by VOLKOREN

Where can I go from your spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence?

The early 70s, people move through the city. They have the youth, the looks - have sideburns, long hair - and use megaphones to sing their songs of praise. The sun streams and they clasp each other’s shoulders. “Jesus Is Lord,” the banners say, “Hallelujah,” Jesus Is Our Hope.” They are the so called 'Jesus people’ - a charismatic movement (prophecy, speaking in tongues, healing the sick and what not) in the 60-70’s - walking toward Kungsträdgården, Stockholm hoping to reach the lost...

It’s 2014 son of a 'Jesus people' - couple 'David Ahlen' is singing his songs of praise now too. His unique voice is sheer as the thinnest light; but very deep as a well and really touches listeners for many years in Sweden now. For the 70th birthday of David’s father, David recorded his father’s favorite hymns as a personal gift. David’s father was a preacher and traveled with his family from town to town to spread the gospel. Years later these beautifully recorded hymns have found their way on this ep called ‚All the way my saviour leads me’. The songs of David (what’s in the name…?) are short stories about faith, longing, life and also death. They are not your average gospel-tunes but have their own meaning, tone of voice and are very minimal too. Today David lives with family (wife and 5 kids) on the island of Gotland (in the Baltic sea) in a monastic community like it was 1971 again...

David has had a similar youth as David Eugene Edwards of 16 Horsepower and it’s not by chance both artists found their way on VOLKOREN a small Dutch independent label that always has an eye for music that’s a true blessing to both heart and ear.

In the past David Ahlen has toured with artists like Jonathan Johansson, Bradley Hathaway and Loney Dear. He’s looking forward touring Europe more in the near future, excited on what the new release will bring.

Photo: Anders Fryk